Twitter can’t believe how Tyson played them on #Lockdownmzansi

Dawn Thandeka King and Lorcia Cooper

In one of the most startling unexpected developments on TV, fans cried genuine tears when they believed that Lockdown’s Mazet had kicked the bucket, just to discover on Monday that she was, truth be told, alive and all that they saw was a fantasy of Tyson’s creative mind. Most SA dramatization arrangement have adhered to the equivalent “straight forward” way of narrating. This is the reason when Lockdown changed it up all of a sudden and took an alternate course to narrating, fans were left both stunned and astounded.

At the point when watchers tuned in to Tyson’s voice-in the course of the most recent week as she recounted to the difficult story of how Mazet was shot dead, they accepted that they had seen Mazet once and for all. Notwithstanding, it was uncovered on Monday’s scene that last week’s excruciating scene was in reality all in Tyson’s mind. It was her adaptation of occasions and not precise by any means.

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