Tweeps want DStv to retire Somizi


h1>Tweeps want DStv to retire Somizi

Tweeps want DStv to retire Somizi

Somizi will be turning 50 years old next year and tweeps think he should retire from DStv.

However, tweeps are more concerned about youngsters not getting many opportunities in the industry as some of the stars are getting those gigs.

The controversial Twitter’s Chris Excel has thrown his fellow tweeps a bone surrounding Somizi, who would still book more gigs with DStv even when he turns fifty years old.

Chris Excel then pointed out that young and talented people are still waiting for opportunities and breakthroughs, while the likes of Somizi have their finger in every pie.

“Next year Somizi is turning 50 years!! DSTV will be still giving him all the gigs and shows while young talented are still waiting for opportunities..”

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