Tumi From The River Is A Moemish

Tumi From The River Is A Moemish

Tumi From The River Is A Moemish

Tumi Mokoena-Dikana-Dhlomo is perhaps the most pointless characters on The River.

Each time we allow her to refute us, to demonstrate that she’s changed, that she’s developed, she proceeds to accomplish something moemish.

In spite of the fact that her acting has improved, we are currently testing her storyline. How might she trust a man she just met five minutes prior over individuals she’s known for quite a long time?

Her mom; Lindiwe Dikana isn’t awesome, however she’s twisted around in reverse to guarantee that Tumi is cheerful and that their relationship is tight.

Tumi’s dad; Mohumi will attempt to wreck her. He will likewise endeavor to decimate Lindiwe on account of his want retribution and force.

Watchers were shocked the previous evening when Tumi uncovered her greatest mystery at this point; that she murdered her stepsister Mbali rather than Lindiwe.

This was totally doltish of her to do as neither Lindiwe nor Zweli know about her mystery.

Just Mabutho knows her mystery. This was likewise the explanation Lindani lost his life. At the point when he discovered and took steps to uncover Tumi, Mabutho accidently executed him.

Each time Tumi uncovered herself, somebody kicks the bucket.

We trust that Mohumi will be the following one to pass on from this mystery since he doesn’t cherish Tumi. He’s utilizing Tumi to get to Lindiwe and he’s not intrigued by a relationship with her.

When Tumi understands this, it very well may be past the point of no return! Will she lose Mabutho or Lindiwe for good, when Mohumi is finished with her? We realize that neither Tumi, nor Lindiwe or Mabutho are leaving the show.

We trust that Tumi will gain from this once Mohumi is finished with her. We trust that she won’t be as narrow minded once Mohumi exits her life and the show for good.

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