TT Mbha credits “real friends” in his book – Snubs Somizi

TT Mbha credits “real friends” in his book – Snubs Somizi

TT Mbha credits "real friends" in his book – Snubs Somizi

TT Mbha credits real friends in his book.

Cracks are emerging in Somizi Mhlongo and TT Mbha’s bromance after the proprty mogul snubbed Somgaga by not crediting him in the list of supportive friends who helped him beat Coronavirus.

In the chapter titled Supportive friends of his new book titled Tough Talk With TT Mbha which he shares his painful journey with Covid-19 while dealing with negative publicity, betrayal and false accusations by some celebrities who charged that he attended the Act Now march in June knowing that he had tested positive.

In the chapter, TT Mbha mentioned Andile Ncube, Dr Makhosonke Maseko, Thandeka Nombanjinji Nzama, Sydney Matlhaku,Malcom X, Lupi Ngcayisa and Nokhuthula Nkuta. He however did not mention Somizi.

“I remember psting a collage of six of my good friends (Ncube,Nkutha,Nzama,Malcom X,Ngcayisa,Matlhaku, whom I specifically did not include on that particular post because he is an extremely private person,” he says in the book.

Speaking to Sunday World, TT Mbha explained why he shunned Somizi.

He said the supportive friends he mentioned were those “who did more than what other people” did for him during his hour of need.

“I specifically highlighted those people because they really went above and beyond just calling and checking up on me. Most of them bought me essentials. Some of them would do grocery shopping for me”, TT Mbha explained.

When asked for comment Somizi hurled profanities.

“How many words do you meed from response to make your salary of R2.40 per word for le sende ongibuza lona (The testicle you are asking me),”he said

TT Mbha’s book will be launched before the end of this month.

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