Toya Delazy fires shots at Cassper Nyovest

Toya Delazy fires shots at Cassper Nyovest

Toya Delazy fires shots at Cassper Nyovest

Rapper Toya Delazy has shared how a certain artist dealt her a bad card on their collaborated song in a cryptic tweet. Taking to Twitter, Toya Delazy has been very meticulous about exposing this rapper after years the incident has happened.

While responding to a tweet that was talking about artists exploiting other artists. Toya Delazy has shaded a certain rapper that she did a collaboration with years aback. However, when it was time to perform the song, Toya Delazy explains how the said rapper went to perform the whole song by himself without having Toya Delazy with him on stage.

Back in 2014, Toya Delazy featured Cassper Nyovest on her hit song titled ‘My City. Following that, during a performance, both Toya Delazy and Cassper Nyovest took to stage to perform the song. However, Toya Delazy felt sidelined as she eludes that Cassper Nyovest stole her spotlight on her own song.

It is for this reason that Toya Delazy is claiming that she has no intentions on collaborating with any South African artists. Delazy who has since moved to London, has washed her hands clean with South African artists.

Toya Delazy goes to say that experience alone taught her to never work with other artists, especially from South Africa.

Tweeps are having a field day on Twitter as they know who exactly is Toya Delazy subbing. Although she was very subtle in her jab, however, everybody knows that back in 2014, Toya Delazy collaborated with Cassper Nyovest on the smash hit titled My City.

Taking under Toya Delazy’s comments, tweeps did not mince their words as they called out Casper Nyovest on his actions.

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