Top Trending Moments of 2020

Top Trending Moments of 2020

Top Trending Moments of 2020

  1. The Death Of Ginimbi

Popular businessman Genius Kadungure better known as Ginimbi has passed on. He reportedly died during the early hours of on November morning in a car accident along Borrowdale road as he was coming back from fitness bunny Moana’s birthday party which was being celebrated at his swanky night club, Dreams Nightlife club He died along with three other friends, Elisha, Karim and the birthday girl Moana. His death then became a topical discussion as his wealth was called into question with information about his finances being brought to the surface.

  1. Simphiwe Ngema And Tino Chinyani Reveal Their Relationship With A Pregnancy Announcement

The starlet surprisingly revealed her pregnancy to her fans who have been rooting for her since she lost her husband Dumi Masilela in 2017. Now, it seems as if she has now found new love in the arms of model and TV presenter Tino Chinyani. Simphiwe posted a series of snaps of their photo-shoot and it is cute to see them both together. In the post she wrote “Indeed there is a God in heaven. He wiped away my tears and gave me joy in abundance. You’ve brought hope and purpose to my life. @tino_chinyani I will forever be grateful to you for this beautiful gift and for teaching me how to love again. I love you both with all my heart”.

  1. Norma Gigaba Arrested

TimesLive reported that Norma was arrested on charges of assault and damage to property. Her husband along with other two complainants opened the case against her. After a video of a damaged G-Wagon, G63 AMG that was rumoured to be Malusi’s did not actually belong to him. The G-Wagon had been keyed, vandalised and the words “cheater” are written all over it. Rumour has it that the former minister is cheating again and his wife has had enough. It is alleged that Malusi paid well over R200 000 to repair the vehicle.

  1. Katlego Maboe accused of infidelity and giving his wife an STD
    The bubbly personality was exposed on a video that went viral, for cheating on his spouse with his colleague and friend. His wife posted the video yesterday where she is seen questioning Katlego and eventually forcing a confession from him, the star can be seen to be very devastated by his actions as he even admits who he slept with, live on video. His brother-in-law made sure to expose the star and also tag all of the companies that he is working with/for. A move, that some tweeps have called an assassination of his career.

  2. Mangaliso Ngema accused of s_exual assault

Lithapo actor, Mangaliso Ngema, had been called into question following sexual harassment accusations made against him by several of his colleagues. The situation came to light when Lorraine Moropa shared a post which stated that a senior co-star of hers had been harassing her for some time, and she is tired of staying quiet about it.

  1. Emtee and Nicole Chinsamy

2020What was once a perfect family, is now a thing of a past and Emtee is done! Emtee went on a rant exposing his fiancé’s abusive ways revealing that she physically abuses him and often leaves him bruised. Nicole, according to Emtee, would call on her family members claiming to have been abused by the father of her children, but it is the other way round.

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