Tips for African women to get rid of dandruff

African women’s problem of dandruff in African women is one of the most aesthetic problems experienced by women’s hair and causes great discomfort.

Dandruff in African women causes most of the time to exposure to more problems, including shelling and damage, as well as hair loss due to inflammation that affects the scalp as a result of the appearance of dandruff.

This problem is the result of many of the nutritional causes and environmental factors faced by African women such as unhealthy nutrition and washing the hair continuously

African women

leave it for more than 3 days without washing, unlike the dry body that reaches the scalp and causes dandruff and the absence of vitamin A. This problem can cause embarrassment,

especially when the dandruff is on your clothes!

To avoid this problem, follow these daily tips that will help you get rid of dandruff.

1. Use natural recipes in Africa women

If you have nightmarish dandruff, you should stay away from cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals because they do not eliminate dandruff and cause damage to the scalp. Treat dandruff using some natural recipes from your life that eliminate scalp scales.

Avoid sunlight

Continuous exposure to sunlight leads to scalp infection, burns and then dandruff. Try to avoid exposure to sunlight by wearing sun hats while out in the day. You can apply the scalp skin to the sunscreen as it is one of the thinnest skin areas in the body and must be taken care of to avoid the inconvenience of dandruff.

3 – Do not use oil preparations

Hair cosmetics that are very high in oils and fats increase scalp dandruff.

So you have to stay away from it completely. They increase the secretion of oils in the scalp leading to fat accumulation,

which is the main factor in the formation of dandruff.

These African preparations such as gel,

petroleum jelly and creams containing fats lead to the closure of the pores of the scalp causing the formation of a layer in the hair and lashes.

Avoid using oil-rich shampoo and replace it with panthenol-rich shampoo.

4. Do not wash your hair frequently African women

Taking care of hair is an important aesthetic, but excessive washing leads to damage to the cells of the scalp, which helps to form dandruff for African women.

So, wash your hair only three times a week.

While washing your hair, make sure to use shampoo free of Laurel sulfate compounds while avoiding the conditioner that contains Dimethicone.

These harmful chemical compounds cause increased dandruff on the scalp in African women.

You can also change the type of shampoo every six months and choose anti-dandruff.