This is why Why L’vovo Derrango is speaking out

This is why Why L’vovo Derrango is speaking out

This is why Why L’vovo Derrango is speaking out

Kwaito veteran L’vovo Derrango has recently made it his mission to use his platforms to help “voiceless” South Africans, by advocating for them on issues that are close to his heart.

Even though he’s been active on social media for a while, a few month of lockdown nudged L’vovo in the right direction. It dawned on him that his social media platform could help bring about change that matters.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, L’vovo said he was merely doing his part.
It’s mistake [if people think that] I’m not into politics, but I’m raising things that are affecting us as South Africans. I’m not a politician and I will never be a politician, but I’m raising my voice,” he said.

I am the voice to the voiceless. There are people that can’t speak, and if we don’t [raise] our voices to the president or to the nation, they will think we are fine with everything that is happening, and they will just carry on.

“There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinions. If people wanna sponsor you they will sponsor you and if they don’t want to sponsor you, they won’t – but your voice must and will be heard.

“We need to not sugar-coat things. We need to be straightforward with the people and, for me, what you see is what you [get]. So for me, if you want to sponsor me, you must expect that I will be voicing my [views] . If I’m not happy with something, I’ll say [it].

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