This is why Boity Thulo missed the Durban July

This is why Boity Thulo missed the Durban July

This is why Boity Thulo missed the Durban July

After noticing that there weren’t any pictures of Boitumelo Boity Thulo taken from the recent annual horsing racing Durban July event which took place over the weekend, on 2 June, a Twitter user decided to ask her if she attended the event which she denied.

Rapper, TV presenter, and reality TV star Boity Thulo reached stardom soon after dropping out of university and working with a talent agency years ago. She has attended several Durban July events over the years and choice to sit this year’s one out. Last year, she attended the annual event in a showstopping Keys Fashion mini dress with dramatic long sleeves and gold studded details, The Citizen reported.

In 2019, she was also present at the horse racing event which was themed ‘Starts of Africa’ for that year, EWN reported. In 2016, she even made it into Daily Sun’s best-dressed looks which also included Chi Mende, Khanyi Mbau, Macdonald Ndou, and a few others.

The bubbly media personality decided to answer her curious fan who wondered why she had not attended this year’s Durban July event. Boity explained that she chose to rather spend some quality time with her loved one.

“[I] spent the weekend with my grandma,” she said.

Some of Boity’s fans were convinced there was more to the story and made it known that they believed she is pregnant. Earlier in May, the Own Your Throne reality TV star let her fans know that she was ready to welcome her bundle of joy and experience motherhood. Good Lord, I cannot wait to be a mother. I know with all of my heart that Motherhood is my ultimate calling. In God’s time,” Boity wrote.

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