Things get heated between Gigi Lamayne and Mr. Smeg

Things get heated between Gigi Lamayne and Mr. Smeg

Things get heated between Gigi Lamayne and Mr. Smeg

Just when we thought the flirtations between rapper Gigi Lamayne and Mr. Smeg was coming to an end. Gigi Lamayne continues to be head over heels while doing everything in her power to prove that there’s more than meets the eye between the two of them.

Following the much anticipated national dinner date between Gigi Lamayne and Mr. Smeg. Mzansi was really hoping that their little fling on Twitter might be biting the dust soon. Well, by the look of things the love train between Gigi Lamayne and Mr. Smeg is still running and on the fast tracks.

Ahead of her album release titled Set In Stone this coming Friday, Gigi Lamayne has released a new freestyle track titled ‘I Cum Back’ where some of her lyrical content talks about Mr. Smeg and his famous Smeg kettle that gave him a leg up to the fame and Mzansi’s celebrity scene.

Taking to social media, Gigi Lamayne has quoted a line of her lyrics where she referenced Mr. Smeg and tweeps are sold over the idea that the two are showing no signs of slowing down on their online romance.

Tweeps are taken by Gigi Lamayne rap, lyrical content and flow on this freestyle she has just released ahead of the album drop on Friday. While some tweeps are gushing over the love and affection between Mr. Smeg and Gigi Lamayne on Twitter, some were really hoping that this little flirting won’t last more than two seconds.

Taking under comment, tweeps are blown away by Gigi Lamayne’s flow and arrangement on this freestyle. Even Mr. Smeg himself came flying to to let Gigi Lamayne know that he is melted to the floors and all thanks to her.

Their first date must have been a complete success since it ended with locked lips. However, many people were hoping it wound end soon after the date the same way it happened between Mr. Smeg and Pearl Thusi. However, Gigi Lamayne has proven to be consistent while basking in the glory that is her sunshine with Mr. Smeg.

Only time will tell how far will things progress between the two. However, not trying to jinx their little online romance but we saw this happening with Pearl Thusi and it ended like it never happened. So, the only thing we can do is to hold our breath and really hope for the better.

However, knowing Mr. Smeg and his MO, it would not come as a surprise if he goes out with another lady on the date because without fail he is always shooting his shoots to celebrity ladies on twitter.

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