They said my baby died – Young couple seeks help after baby mysteriously disappears after birth

They said my baby died – Young couple seeks help after baby mysteriously disappears after birth


They said my baby died – Young couple seeks help after baby mysteriously disappears after birth

Guardians didn’t get the chance to see young lady, clearly brought into the world with a cerebrum tumor, and need to cover her.

The guardians of an infant are looking for conclusion in the wake of being told by attendants at the Dr Yusuf Dadoo clinic about the passing of their kid, who they couldn’t see or cover.

Mother Gugulethu Magumeni went to the Dr Yusuf Dadoo medical clinic in Krugersdorp when she was seven months pregnant after she encountered work torments.

Upon appearance, she was advised to look out for the seats on the grounds that there were no beds accessible.

Sooner or later Magumeni was revealed to her infant had breeched and was fit to be pushed out.

She conceived an offspring yet her child was detracted from her straight away.

She said the medical attendant revealed to her the child would not get by because of a tumor on the mind and a low pulse.

“I was seven months pregnant when my water broke on 9 May,” she said.

“At the emergency clinic, I had to hang tight for a bed.

“The specialist gave me six yellow tablets to drink and revealed to me the infant was breeched and I would have the option to push it out.

“I heard the child cry while it was removed after birth.

“The attendant revealed to me the child would not make it since it was blue in its face, which was because of a low pulse and a tumor on the cerebrum,” Magumeni said.

Magumeni was later released without having seen the body of her infant and she left, despite everything confounded about the reason for death.

She disclosed she was alluded to the quality affirmation division at the medical clinic where she mentioned to see the body of her child and requested that consent cover it.

Operational supervisor Joyce Gadebe clarified the reason for the infant’s passing to the mother and apologized for the missteps made by the medical attendant who was on the job when the child was conveyed.

Gadebe reached the funeral home so as to discover the area of the infant’s body, yet it was past the point of no return as the waste containers had just been expelled.

The mother was guaranteed she would be reached when the can with the child’s remaining parts was found.

She has still not got data about the body of the child and is crushed she has not had the option to cover her infant.

She said an expression of remorse was insufficient: “I feel crushed befuddled and grief stricken in light of the fact that I have not gotten the appropriate responses I would have loved.

“I simply need conclusion. An expression of remorse doesn’t fix anything.

“I don’t concur that my little girl has died when I have not covered her or seen her.

“I despite everything accept that my infant may be out there some place.”

The dad of the infant, Khumbulani Simelane, said equity should have been served to the individuals who were mindful.

The guardians have opened a body of evidence against the medical clinic at the Krugersdorp police headquarters.

– The Citizen

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