They said I’m next – Emtee fears for his life

They said I’m next – Emtee fears for his life

They said I'm next – Emtee fears for his life

Emtee is now looking for armed body guards.

After the death of AKA, who was assassinated on Friday outside a restaurant on Florida street in Durban, the rapper Emtee recently took to his Twitter revealing he and his team were in search of armed body guards.

“They started with DJ Sumbody, now AKA. Word on the streets is that either me or {another young rapper} are next. I received a message from this mysterious figure. I blocked him first time now he’s using another number,” he said.

In December Emtee went live on Instagram while wearing a bulletproof vest speaking of how he was fearing for his life after the death of musician and businessman Oupa John “DJ Sumbody” Sefoka, who was shot dead on November 20.

“People want to extort me for money I don’t have. After DJ Sumbody died, I got a message saying; ‘You are next’. I’ve been getting death threats for the past 2 years.”

Emtee claimed he’s been receiving death threats on his phone from unknown numbers for the past two years.

The rapper shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp text he’d received which reads; “You think you’re smart. I won’t leave a tiny stone unturned.”

“I am traumatised by a lot of deaths that have been going on, especially of people you’ve come across, felt their energy, embraced them. It messes with me in a way. I think it makes me more antisocial.”

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