The Vilakazis Celebrate Wedding Anniversary!

The Vilakazis Celebrate Wedding Anniversary!

Kwesta and Yolanda’s love story is marred with all the true makings of a fairy-tale!

On 22 March 2019, the Vilakazis finally wrapped up their wedding proceedings by honouring the white wedding part. The lovebirds had already completed their traditional wedding a few years ago and they both looked absolutely stunning in their cultural outfits known as, ‘Imvunulo’.

This union has been blessed with a baby daughter named, Kai Vilakazi, who is a spitting image of her super famous father. This is another A – list couple that has successfully flew under the radar in the industry. Yolanda’s always commended for staying true to herself, as she hasn’t lost herself in her partner’s huge bubble of fame.

In total, the lovely couple has been at it for almost ten years but only married for one. In previous interviews, Yolanda shared that it wasn’t love at first sight on her end, but Kwesta has revealed that he took a strong liking at Yolanda, after spotting her on set, as she was part of the video girls for one of his music videos back then.

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