The reason why AKA slapped Cassper Nyovest revealed

The reason why AKA slapped Cassper Nyovest revealed

The reason why AKA slapped Cassper Nyovest revealed

The reason why AKA slapped Cassper Nyovest revealed! Everyone remembers clearly well the one fateful day in August 2015 when Cassper Nyovest took to Twitter, at 3 am, to let the world know that AKA had slapped him at a club.

The altercation took place at a nightclub, which AKA and Khuli Chana attended after performing at the Analogue Nights party.

This was the time when the beef between these two hip hop heavyweights was at its climax, as both were dominating with their music.

So traumatizing was the experience that Cassper Nyovest has publicly reminisced the incident a lot of times.

“This homie [AKA] was talking to his friend, his friend was pumping him. He just walked straight at me and he just slapped me. No exchange of words or an argument, nothing. This guy just walked up phaaaa and I lost my balance. By the time I stood up the bouncers were in between us. And I was pissed off by then, fortunately they were in between us. I couldn’t respond, I came to my senses… They actually stopped the music in the club,” he explained.

Speaking on the AKA slap on Cassper Nyovest, controversial music entrepreneur Nota Baloyi has revealed the reason why Mufasa got smacked back in 2015.

He said: “I watched you. I was standing right there when Kiernan (AKA) slapped him. I was shocked. I was like dammit. I was waiting for him to fight back and he jumped over couches. I just saw his ponytail flying. I wanted to drag him at that point and say ‘No ways you don’t run away. Come fight back here’”.

Apparently, AKA slapped him for saying DJ Zinhle has to raise two kids on his diss song, Dust2Dust. Zinhle and AKA’s daughter Kairo had just been born a month prior.

“Sent a shout out to Zinhle at the awards
Cause you was jealous Bonang would rather be seen with D’Banj
Zinhle left you in public and I don’t blame you sis
They say it’s nearly impossible to raise two kids
When one lives in a movie
And he just don’t wanna man up”

Cassper has of late been pressing for AKA to get into the ring with him for a boxing bout, but Kiernan is not interested.

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