The Queen’s TGom returns

The Queen’s TGom returns

The Queen's TGom returns

The Queen’s TGom makes a return…..

There is talk that actress Rami Chuene might come back on The Queen, or at least, the showrunners, the Ferguson might be considering her return.

This follows after a cryptic tweet Rami Chuene, posted which prompted fans to assume that the Fergusons might have called for her return.

Rami Chuene wrote:

That awkward moment when you fire someone to protect your image then later having to bring them back to…yes, you guessed it… to protect your image. Bophelo ke telenovela ya Borwa.

Rami Chuene was fired from The Queen after she reportedly sided with fellow The Queen actress Vatiswa Ndara, who wrote an open letter accusing the Fergusons of mistreating and underpaying actors.

Rami Chuene played the character of TGom, the matriarch of the Mabuza family, who were also in the drug business like the Khoza family.

The actress has always said she was open to returning to The Queen, provided the Fergusons are willing to listen more. She revealed this during Dinner At Somizi.

“It depends. I would tell them to listen more. Being able to be a listener doesn’t take away from the kind of leader that you are. Also being creative does not mean you have to close off your human element

Rami Chuene has a new role now on new drama Isono, where she plays the funny Jumima.

The actress said she enjoys playing the Jumima very much.

I love that viewers will see me in a different light. What I enjoy most about Jumima is that she’s completely different from any woman that I’ve ever portrayed. She’s innocent and laughs a lot. You won’t be getting a catty remark from her, which is what most of my previous roles are known for,”

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