The Queen actress Jessica Nkosi attacked for her ‘unattractive’ body

The Queen actress Jessica Nkosi attacked for her ‘unattractive’ body

The Queen actress Jessica Nkosi attacked for her ‘unattractive’ body

Lol! Why can’t the social media streets for once, spare our favourite local celebs from criticism? Actress and mom of one; Jessica Nkosi got trolled for not having the perfect body.

Nkosi who has resorted to blocking haters for trolling her daily for her imperfect body says that she knows that she doesn’t have the greatest body and will block anyone who body shames her.

The Queen actress wrote this on her IG stories: “The vile, mean, horrible things people say though. I’m very happy about the block button. Kodwa nje it really does hurt. Like why would you attack me about my body?

I know my body, trust me I look at it every day, and I live in it. Manje wena you feel a need to point stuff out as if I do not know. SMH . Just live your life. I actually really do not want to hear your negativity here.”

Nkosi who’s been vocal about her weight loss journey since giving birth to her baby girl; Nami Dlamini, has vulnerably and openly documented her struggles to get her old banging body back.

She recently posted pics on her Instagram dressed in matching tights and a long t-shirt getting ready to hit the gym, where she also mentioned that she prefers staying in bed. Although her fans applauded her banging body and congratulated her for staying in shape there were trolls on standby waiting to rain on her parade.

The actress revealed that she’s been on a blocking spree since March as she’s exhausted of negative opinions on her TL. She further stated that the negative comments are people who don’t even fall under her 1.1m-strong following on Twitter.

She tweeted: “It’s actually so annoying when a person who doesn’t even follow you comments on your posts, futhi acommente umsuzo nje! First of all you’re a creep and get off my page. I block creeps who don’t follow me but still magically comment on my tweets.”

“They are not allowed to comment! I don’t want their opinion. If you don’t follow someone phuma nje kuye.”

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