The most expensive clothes Riky Rick bought

The most expensive clothes Riky Rick bought

The most expensive clothes Riky Rick bought

Rapper Richardo Ribeca Makhado was one of the most lavish and stylish rappers in South Africa who had a cosy taste in fashion and cars.

When it comes to spending be it on clothes and cars, Boss Zonke never hesitated to fork out millions of dollars just to look fresh.

Here are some of the expensive things Ricky Rick bought.

Brown long length Mink

Last year the Amantombazane hitmaker made a shocking announcement that he bought his Mink for a whooping R250k.

When R250k is converted to American dollar that is $16,300.

He made this stunning announcement on Flavors 1st episode, YouTube, where rappers show off their ‘swag’.

He said:

We come through with the fair people always ask me how much i spend to this piece right here it but i dont know if i should say it in public…so this here set me about 250k its ridiculous..”

Makhado featured on his single Sidlukotini video wearing the expensive mink.

Prada Nylon Jacket

Prada Nylon Male jackets cost R57,470 and when converted to American dollarsthat is $3.850.

Ricky Riky had one and he bragged about it wearing the famous Prada brand when he was interviewed by King Oumar.

Gucci Bible and Princetown loafers

Riky was a well-known Gucci fashion enthusiast that he even tattooed the Gucci logo on his neck. He even attended a fashion show as one of the exclusive guests of creative director Alessandro Michele at the fall/winter 2017 and 2018 Women and Men’s Fashion Show at the Gucci headquarters.

On his Instagram, Riky posted a picture reading a Gucci ‘bible’ which left the social media frenzy.

The least expensive bible ‘ The Book of Gucci Sculpture’ is valued at is $6.900 by SAATCHI ART.

Makhado owned the famous Gucci Princetown loafers which are valued at $995. These loafers are famous and are worn by a couple of celebrities. The notable one is A$AP Rocky who is also a fashionista.


Ricky owned a couple of luxurious cars in his garage which includes the Mercedes AMG GTs which is worth R2.5 million, the Porsche 911 Carrera T prizes at R1.5 million, and a Mercedes Benz C300 of R960k.

The South African rapper died on Wednesday after committing suicide at his home.

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