The Law Shuts Enhle Mbali’s mouth

The Law Shuts Enhle Mbali’s mouth

The Law Shuts Enhle Mbali’s mouth

Last week the stunning Rockville actress Enhle Mbali promised to spill some dirt on her tumultuous relationship with estranged husband Black Coffee. This morning, she posted a cryptic tweet which might suggest that she is barred from doing so because of a gag order.

Enhle asked whether is it legally safe to talk about an issue even if you have signed a non-disclosure agreement, pertaining the particular problem. She wanted to know if it is okay to at least address the ‘threats’ received which remind you that you are gagged.

A follower responded by saying, it is acceptable if most of the occurrences took place after the NDA was signed. “Yes you can talk about threats since they happened after NDA (it’s not a lifetime contract) and also you never signed not to talk about threats…NDA is like a gag order (an intimidation so victims will not speak up) But abusers continue to abuse or worse kill, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH,” the follower responded.

Another said, “NDA’s (or other contracts) generally cannot be enforced if they protect an illegal activity or if the “confidential information” is defined too broadly. The wording in the NDA (particularly the Disclosing Purpose and Duration) is a very important consideration.”

Last week an emotionally drained Enhle went on her Instagram TV to vent since she was not granted a protection order. In the emotional video, she promised to spill the whole tea pot in a form of a press conference, but with the assumption that she signed a NDA, she might have to delay the briefing.
It is clear from the video that she is not legally allowed to spill all the tea as she said there could be ramifications should she mention any names.

“Now, I’m not going to say names because I don’t know the implications. But I’m going to tell you guys everything. I have been protecting this man for far too long. And all the other women that have come to me for assistance, I will also come at them.”

She ended things off by saying a press briefing could be underway in the near future. “Today is the last day I am silenced by any cause but my own and that is GBV. Today is the last day, the last day I will speak. So all the media houses – be aware that I’ll be doing a press conference and in that press conference I will bring evidence and I will bring text message, I will bring absolutely everything that was lied about.”

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