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Nowadays it is rare to see couples stand the test of time, especially in the 21st century!

But the Fergusons prove that true love can indeed conquer all obstacles.

The couple who has been together for almost two decades celebrated their 18th anniversary over the weekend.

Media moguls, Shona and Connie Fergusons took to social media to share that they are celebrating their anniversary.

“Happy 18 year wedding anniversary to us my LOVE. Ke go rata blind sane. 30:11:01” Shona wrote.

The soulmates have not only been starring aside each other but they have through the years built an empire for themselves.

Veteran Actress Connie thanked God for his amazing grace towards their matrimony.

“..His Grace never ceases to amaze me! Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary my LOVE. We make the baddest team in all we do! I love you!” She wrote in part.