Teacher uses R70k meant to buy graduating daughter a car, to feed hungry community

Teacher uses R70k meant to buy graduating daughter a car, to feed hungry community

Cape Town – It is every parent’s pride to see their child graduate from university, and it was no different for this Athlone dad.
But instead of buying his daughter the car she deserved for getting her PhD in Geology, Kewtown teacher Ebrahim Abrahams used the R70 000 he had saved to feed hungry people in his community during the national lockdown.

Ebrahim, who works at Kewtown Primary School and is a father of 10, wanted to surprise his 26-year old daughter Miengah with a car after her graduation, but after seeing the suffering in his community, he had a change of heart.

“Many children depended on the school feeding scheme and they would take home some food from there,” the teacher says.

“I wondered how they were surviving the lockdown without the meals from school.”

Ebrahim told his daughter about his plans and to his delight, she supported him.

“She even made a contribution towards the feeding scheme,” the proud father says.

“My family supported me from the first day I announced this and they are the ones who help prepare the daily meals.”

Kewtown Primary School teacher Ebrahim Abrahams saved R70 000 to buy his daughter a car for her PhD graduation present, but opted to plough the money into feeding the community during Covid-19 lockdown.
Every day since the lockdown started on 27 March, 500 meals are prepared and this is done without any sponsorship or donations.

The Grade 6 teacher initially planned to feed only children, but hungry adults started coming to get food too.

“We are doing what little bit we can to assist and this would have not been possible without the assistance of five ladies who know the community well and do the food deliveries for us.”

One of these women, Roslyn Rive, calls Ebrahim “a blessing”.

“We started the same week when the lockdown started, making 500 meals a day,” she says.

“This man is a blessing. He took money that was meant for his daughter’s car and assisted the community.

“This is so much considering that he has been teaching here for only three years.”

Kewtown resident, Yvonne Jaftha, said: “We, the community of Kewtown, would like to thank Mr. Ebrahim Abrahams for feeding our community.”

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