Take a romantic escape by planning a trip to these splendid seaside European spots

Take a romantic escape by planning a trip to these splendid seaside European spots

Take a romantic escape by planning a trip to these splendid seaside European spots

Is your head poured with romantic songs? Do you want to spend a romantic vacation with your partner but still couldn’t find a dreamy exotic destination?

Seaside spots are touted best to gain that much-needed rejuvenation: to celebrate the feelings of togetherness while making your bae feel special.

European spots boast beautiful and splendid places that are just perfect for romantic getaways.

Be it capturing moments, witnessing beautiful wonders or you are an adventure-loving couple- these European sights have something for you in the itinerary that will make you experience the best of a romantic retreat.

From the most romantic seaside to dreamy medieval towns or castles, take a stroll at these quixotic European spots for a perfect romantic escape.

  1. The Azores, Portugal

Portugal’s Azores Island is known as one of the intriguing destinations that can spell-bind you and your one and only. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the Azores perched on the nexus of the European, African and American tectonic plates. With blue lakes, sparkling water, cedar and laurel forest and lush meadows- this hidden seaside gem will leave you awe-struck with its natural splendour.

  1. The Canary Islands, Spain

Also known as the sunshine centre of Europe, this beautiful seaside destination is prominent for its breathtaking crystal clear lakes, relaxing and tranquil ambience and water activities including windsurfing and scuba diving. The beautiful landscapes are idyllic for hiking, cycle touring, rock climbing and even caving. Do explore the volcanic setting of Lanzarote, the seashores of Fuerteventura and the sand dunes of Gran Canaria. The lush and rich forests of La Palma and La Gomera are yet another striking destination that one should definitely witness.

  1. Positano, Italy

Positano is an incredible town perched on the Amalfi Coast. Gushed in a dramatic upright panorama of colours, this seaside beauty will mesmerize you like nothing else. The splendid mix of the green hue of the Monti Lattari, the white, pink, and yellow of the Mediterranean houses and the greyish tint of its pebble beaches, makes it a picturesque place which will definitely add up to the romantic getaway.

  1. Crete, Greece

Recognised as the largest and most beautiful island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea, this place possesses glorious beaches, remarkable mountainscapes, and luxuriant and steep gorges that are must-visit. A rich gastronomic affair can also be unravelled here. Do take a stroll to Balos Beach and Dikteon Cave while you are here.

Get all cosy and make unforgettable memories with your partner by heading to the aforementioned places.

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