Suspected revenge in AKA’s shocking death

Suspected revenge in AKA’s shocking death

Suspected revenge in AKA’s shocking death

South Africans are sad about the passing of their favorite rapper AKA, they have already started sharing what they feel about this AKA shocking death.

Rapper Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes died last night after being shot dead in a drive-by shooting on Florida Road Durban on Friday night.

Another person believed to be AKA’s bodyguard was also wounded, while another unidentified person, who is understood to be a close friend of AKA, has been shot dead.

One user wrote :

These photos were never Gonna get ignored by Nelly’s dad. Kiernan thought it was over with and forgot how powerful his former father-in-law is in Durban… His daughter was never gonna be abused and he let shit slide
Not AkA Forbes Nadia

In an interview sometime AKA claimed that Nellie, as she was affectionately known, was suffering from mental health issues and had allegedly been taking medication for her condition.

He said her father, Durban businessman Moses Tembe, knew of her struggles with mental health even though he denied this at her funeral.

“He was well aware that Anele was on medication, we spoke about it many times. We had spoken about her sometimes getting off her medication, not being on her medication.”

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