‘Stop pretending like you care’: Enhle Mbali breaks silence on Black Coffee accident

‘Stop pretending like you care’: Enhle Mbali breaks silence on Black Coffee accident

In a recent explosive Instagram Live session, Enhle Mbali, the former spouse of renowned DJ Black Coffee, dropped a series of bombshells, shedding light on various aspects of their tumultuous relationship.

One of the shocking revelations made by Enhle is the claim that Black Coffee allegedly has a newborn baby. Unfazed by the revelation, she boldly stated, “I do not care. It’s his life.” However, the DJ has yet to confirm this news or disclose any details about the child’s mother, leaving the public in suspense.

Adding another layer to the drama, Enhle emphasized that despite their official separation in 2019, she is still legally married to Black Coffee, asserting that the divorce proceedings are slated to take place in November 2024.

She challenged skeptics, inviting them to witness the truth unfold in court, saying, “You’re free to come to court to see the truth come out.”

In a surprising twist, Enhle hinted at her active dating life, revealing she has a “boo” and is “enjoying life and freedom.” This disclosure provides a glimpse into her journey of personal growth beyond the shadows of her past relationship.

The drama doesn’t end there, as Enhle alleged that her phone has been tapped since 2018, expressing frustration over the persistent intrusion into her privacy. She made this revelation, pointing to a mysterious figure behind the surveillance.

In her Instagram Live session, Enhle disclosed that she had chosen to remain silent amid the speculations surrounding Black Coffee, stating, “I haven’t said a word. I’ve only reacted to the things done to me.” This hints at underlying tensions and undisclosed issues between the former couple.

The explosive revelations come in the wake of Black Coffee’s recent flight accident, which Enhle claimed to have learned about through their son while she was on holiday in Botswana. Despite their messy split, she attempted to extend well-wishes for his recovery, but alleged receiving a hostile response, recounting, “Do I not get an email stating ‘Stop pretending like you care.’”

Enhle made it clear that her concern was primarily for her children’s well-being, emphasizing, “I don’t care for him. I care for his well-being because I have children with him, and I care for my children.” She concluded by expressing her detached attitude towards his success, stating, “Whenever he does well, I say congratulations. It’s not my business how it’s received.”

In the midst of these revelations, the public is left to navigate the intricate web of Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee’s complex relationship, eagerly awaiting further developments and responses from the DJ himself.

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