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South African Traditional dresses Beauty and clarity

The happy occasions that we experience in our daily life are varied, such as weddings, engagement, success parties and other occasions where everyone seeks to look the most beautiful and especially,  girls,

and the first thing you are interested in and looking for is South African Traditional dresses. Beauty and clarity is appropriate, beautiful and distinctive,

so we will talk in this article about how to make a simple evening dress beautiful and distinctive and suitable for several occasions.

Work evening dress tooling cloth as desired and size commensurate with the girl’s body.

South African Traditional dresses Beauty and clarity,

sewing needles, yarn with a suitable color for cloth color, scissors.

Tape measure. Paper Pattern. chalk. Zipper and buttons.

Sewing machine. Accessories and beads as desired.

How to choose South African Traditional dresses Beauty and clarity of the girl’s favorite,

as well as the story that suits the shape of the body and skin color of the girl,

and the nature of the occasion, where a preliminary idea of ​​the design to be applied.

Take the necessary measurements from the waist circumference of the girl and the width of the shoulders and length, and between the waist and shoulders using the tape measure,

and this step must be done accurately.

A simple design work gives a general idea of ​​the design.
Straighten the pattern,

and start drawing the design in scattered parts,

based on the dimensions and measurements previously taken using chalk and tape measure.

Cut out the parts of the dress using scissors with infinite precision based on the patterns drawn on the pattern by fixing the pattern on the South African Traditional dresses Beauty and clarity,

and mark the parts on the cloth using chalk.

Sewing the previously cut parts together manually and initially with the needle, thread,

and some pins to facilitate the final sewing process using the sewing machine.

Preparing the sewing machine so that we can sew well, and after finishing the dress sewing the zipper or buttons according to the design, and finally add some additions as desired,

and finally, The girl should wear South African Traditional dresses Beauty and clarity to make any adjustments in case of any measurement error.

Things to consider when designing the evening dress Choose the dress based on the shape of the body,

where it is preferable to choose a design that conceals the various defects of the body,

for example, objects with the shape of an apple fit tight dresses from the top and wide from the bottom,

and objects with the shape of the hourglass fits dresses that highlight the details of the body Stay away from large dresses,

while the pear-shaped objects fit into the narrow,

wide and wide layers of the bottom.

Taking body measurements accurately, so that the measurement of the dress fits the girl’s body is not too wide and not tight.