Sophie Lichaba shares how the lockdown has brought her businesses to a complete halt.

Sophie Lichaba shares how the lockdown has brought her businesses to a complete halt.

In spite of the fact that the South African economy is gradually re-opening after the ongoing absolute shutdown, it will in any case be some time before all organizations are permitted to work. These incorporate, among others, cinemas, show scenes and shisanyama spots.

During her ongoing meeting with Afternoon Express, prestigious entertainer and businessperson Sophie Lichaba addressed Palesa Tembe about how her organizations have been influenced by the lockdown.

“As a representative, regardless, occasions have stopped. My better half and I, as you probably are aware, own cafés and shisanyama’s. That must be sliced to an all out halt.”

Sophie added that the individuals who get the opportunity to telecommute are honored. “For the individuals who can film, it’s a gift, an incredible gift,” she said.

Sophie, who graced the front of DRUM in April, likewise uncovered she has a cooking show just around the corner.

Despite the fact that she as of late conceded she misses going out, Sophie said she has so far delighted in remaining at home, investing energy with herself. She’s been utilizing the ideal opportunity for contemplation.

“Remaining at home for me has been astonishing. I have associated with myself. I get the opportunity to introspect, plan, strategise and fix what wasn’t right. I love it,” she said.

Sophie as of late revealed to DRUM she’s in a superior space after all the cyberbullying she persevered through after her radical weight reduction – a consequence of living with diabetes.

She has joined season 5 of dramatization arrangement Lockdown, in which she plays the character of Palesa – somebody who she depicts as broken. “A great deal of South African ladies will relate to her,” Sophie said of her character.

“In spite of the fact that she’s simply the head nurture at Kgotsong Asylum, Palesa herself is unquestionably not alright. She’s up to speed in an affection triangle with her previous spouse and Deborah, the representative at Thabazimbi Women’s Correctional Facility where the greater part of the Lockdown activity happens. Also, her man is terrible news.”

The 47-year-old revealed to DRUM that in spite of the fact that she had fears, she was not going to let the chance of playing Palesa cruise her by. She said she played the Lockdown job after business eased back with her wedding-arranging organization, Sophla Events. “That is the means by which business works. I simply required a change and I certainly feel reestablished. I have an inclination that I’ve picked up my regard,” she said.

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