Sonia Mbele opens up on her Failed Marriage

Sonia Mbele opens up on her Failed Marriage

Sonia Mbele opens up on her Failed Marriage

Although the Blood & Water actress, Sonia Mbele previously opened up about her 2021 divorce from her ex, Leslie Sedibe during her interview on Dineo On S*X n Suff, she gave more details about what led to her divorce. Sonia Mbele shared her experience of being married to her ex husband, former South African Football Association (SAFA) and attorney, Leslie Sedibe.

“While I was there [in her marriage] and waking up to the drawn of who are you, who did I marry, and living with that person every day and realising this is a MFer,” she said

Mbele says she hoped and prayed that people, especially her children would see the kind of person she was married to. She kept silent and hoped her children could see Sedibe for the man that she knew him to be. I was] praying that one day my children, not everyone else, but my children wake up to see him for who and what he really is and that day happened,” she said.

At 15 years old, Mbele’s son confided in her and shared that he no longer wanted to live in the same house with his father. “At 15, he was like ‘I’m done. And for me, I was like, ‘thank you, Jesus”, she added.

Sonia Mbele said she wished that people could be able to see the red flags in time. She agreed with Dineo who had emphasised that the aim of the interview was only to share experiences and in no way, to bash anyone.

Sonia Mbele opens up on her Failed Marriage

“There was a time when we did not speak for years, and I am comfortable talking about this now. But there was a time when I wasn’t,” she said. The renowned actress said she is willing to talk now because her children are all grown up and old enough to assess and decide for themselves. “What I am saying now will no longer be a shocker to them,” she said.

We walk in [a marriage] with the intention to stay and make it work. And then that’s what happened to this girl [talking about herself]. Slowly you find out these things that are slowly depreciating your love and slowly taking away from you,” she added.

Mbele shared a story of her ex tricking her into signing a document that gave him all the rights to their home. She also said that she found out that he had seen her on TV before meeting her and had placed a bet with his friends that he would get her

“Then you find out that actually you were a bet. They saw you on TV – it was four people; it was on your marks, get set – go!…I was a bet,” she said.

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