Somizi Speaks On Racism

Somizi Speaks On Racism

Somizi Speaks On Racism

A vital clip of a young man by the name of Christopher Logan, confronting a racist Pub owner in Cape Town has gained the attention of Somizi. The young man was defending a black man after he was allegedly chased away from a Pub for his race.

Somizi shared the clip of the incident and said the man should be protected at all costs. And he even said he would be visiting the pub soon for some Irish coffee.

His followers added their own opinions on this matter and even spoke about their own experiences with racism

msfuthi: I was called by the K-word earlier on this year at Clicks (I am a locum Pharmacist there). Recently the very customer came and was served by me, couldn’t recall his name nor face at the 1st glance but the fight for a specific controlled product which was the reason he swore at me happened again, he said things that triggered my mind and I remember that it was him. I said “oh! You are the one who called me by the K word” he then started screaming saying that I am accusing him of something he didn’t do, he will involve his lawyers. He lodged a complaint to Clicks head office, they want me to apologize and I told the RP that I will never apologize to someone who insulted me, the only wrong here was that I let it slide the day he called me by the K-word if they want me to apologize let them open a formal investigation and check with the other people who were there on that day.

a.d.e.l.a.i.d.e_: Everybody black needs to be in that pub tomorrow it would be fun to watch

nomonde1: Christopher needs to be protected. We need more human beings like him

hzimasa: “Oh that’s Cape Town for you, strangely we got used to it”

perfectly_sealedbythandiswa: When exposed, it then becomes powerless! Racism must just be dealt with!! Growing up in a small town in the free state, I’ve had my fair share of experiencing racism. It has to die! And it will… The next generation must only about it I’m history books.

heliamariza.alvesdesousa: Yes flood the place I want to see his reaction. Walking highly with your Squad

marinaokay: I wanna be friends with him!!!!!

ncence3819: Only if I was in Cape Town, I’d be having my Irish coffee at that pub ngendivukele phaaaaa

mswisani: “It’s not a calm situation” Kudos to Christopher love him for this!!

pedinyane: It’s the speaketh for me. Kiddos to Christopher

ticha_marcia: Christopher for President…

bee_mgaba: Asibonge #Ubuntu

therealcrouch: Apparently there’s a place like this somewhere here in Durban ePoint.

leesahstuurman: I experienced this yestday at silver star casino….my 8 year old daughter tried to play with some white kids and they ran from her everytime she said hi….they ran went to play somewhere else mind you it’s a play area ….she was so down she came and said they don’t wanna play with me cos I’m brown…we left at 4 …at 8 pm she came to me and said mom am I too brown I said no her lips started shaking and she cried …I didn’t know it affected her so bad …I just thought it’s another day …but she was hurt ….not all of them are bad , we still have a long way to go though if 7, 8 year olds do it too.

that_koena: I am going to that pub tomorrow I just want to give Chris a kiss..with tounge.

ligugu_magudulela: Christopher Duncan for President please. The way to fix this is by closing down from the bottom up. I’m sure we have day cares that only accept whites only it’s not all day cares that have mix races in their premises. Then u wonder what those kids r taught ull see it in the kids actions on play grounds in public places they won’t get into a jumping castle with other races I’ve seen it first hand in North West at Wimpy my son is colored n those kids were white they found him inside playing n I could hear them chasing him out but thank God my son was calm he stayed for them to move n find somewhere else to play. Fix the child to fix the parents……

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