Somizi on why he will never date Xhosa people – Watch

Somizi on why he will never date Xhosa people – Watch

Somizi on why he will never date Xhosa people – Watch

Somizi Mhlongo has revealed why he will never date Xhosa people. According to the Idols SA judge, he will not date Xhosa people because they steal. In addition to being thieves, Xhosa people were also accused of being shoplifters, crooks, cheaters, and stingy with their money.

Somizi made the stunning declaration about the Xhosa people while visiting his friend Vusi Nova over the weekend.

During an Instagram live video, Somizi said he was lonely because Vusi Nova did not want to love him.

Vusi responded by saying that he would never date Somizi because he is too needy, clingy, and stingy. Said Vusi.“You are needy, clingy, stingy as well.”

Somizi Mhlongo retorted by saying Vusi is not his type because he is Xhosa. The reality television star said he will never date Xhosa people because they have a lot of bad traits, which include being stingy and stealing.

“I would never date a Xhosa person. Y’all are wicked. You, Xhosa people steal.”.

“I won’t date a Xhosa person, never,” said Somizi.

Somizi then admitted that all these negative traits applied to him as well.

Vusi then commiserated with his friend, saying that he met the wrong ones. He also said that he knew who Somizi was talking about.

“You’ve met the wrong ones. I know who you are referring to,” said Vusi.Though neither of the two best friends specifically mentioned Somizi’s estranged husband, Mohale Motaung, most people on social media assumed the two were referring to him.

The former glamour couple, who were married in September 2019, are engaged in highly tumultuous divorce proceedings, which are threatening to become even more ugly.

Initially, Motaung had insisted that he did not want anything from the divorce proceedings except for his clothes and a car he alleged that his former lover damaged during a violent domestic altercation. Things that he bought with his own money.

Since their marriage, Motaung was always accused of being a gold digger. Due to the 22-year age gap between the couple, most people assumed Mohale was in the relationship for money.

However, both Somizi and Mohale himself denied the allegations. During an interview on The Braai Show with Cass, Somizi defended Mohale after Cassper said he pulled off an “Italian job”, suggesting he used him for fame and to build his career.

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