Somizi And Shimza’s Alliance Questioned – Mzansi Suspect Corruption Within Govt

Somizi And Shimza’s Alliance Questioned – Mzansi Suspect Corruption Within Govt

Somizi And Shimza’s Alliance Questioned – Mzansi Suspect Corruption Within Govt

Today, Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane will be having a ministerial cookoff with media personality and “chef” Somizi Mhlongo. This event is said to revive South Africa’s tourism industry by attracting people to the area. Also it is part of the upcoming budget vote 2021.

With Somizi’s star power, their plan might just work. However, with every “positive” story, it always attracts negative reception from people. This time tweeps pointed out a loophole with the whole initiative. The event will be taking place at Shimza’s popular restaurant ‘The Hang Awt’ which is in Tembisa.

The minister, in her defense said such events are popular around the world and this is done to improve tourism in the country. “I will hosting this event with ⁦
@somizi & actually request those who criticise this event to go and check Celebrity Cook shows which is a global trend. We commit to work with all SAns in rebuilding the Tourism Sector.”

Of course people are not buying it and one of the people vocal about it is Nota Baloyi who said Shimza‘s political connections have always worked in his favour.

“Shimza has been benefitting from political connections for years. He called me a moerskont but I don’t moerskont on taxpayer’s money. Khusela Diko was fired for allowing her husband to win PPE tenders and he later died of COVID19 complications. Athi’s boy toy will cost her!

Shimza responded to Nota’s tweets but people still grilled the DJ and wanted answers.

The questions on everybody’s minds are how did Shimza’s restaurant in Tembisa, The Hang Awt, get the tender from government and the Department of Tourism to host the event. Many are questioning if the DJ even pitched for the tender or was his political connections, i.e his rumoured girlfriend Athi Geleba who works in the Presidency, allegedly help him get it.

Athi Geleba works as Head of Digital Communications in the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa, so she might just be a very good connection. In that same event, media personality Somizi is the chef for the day, which is why he is getting dragged into this.

Defending himself, Shimza said the department approached him and his team for a venue and they just merely agreed. Saying there is no foul play.

“This is the department of tourism’s program, ask them what the process was, we were asked for a venue and we agreed. There’s really nothing more here,” he responded.

He also said the government suggested the event, not him nor Somizi.
“Somizi is at all my events, Hang Awt nor myself did not suggest anything here, this is the departments event.”

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