Social Media slams Mihlali over her ‘Unfollowed’ interview

Social Media slams Mihlali over her ‘Unfollowed’ interview

Social Media slams Mihlali over her ‘Unfollowed’ interview

Well-known Mzansi influencer and award-winning content creator Mihlali Ndamase found herself at the top of X trends after her episode of ‘Unfollowed’ aired on streaming service Showmax earlier this week. It would appear that she has failed to impress viewers with her refusal to answer questions.

Many have described the interview as a “cringefest” while slamming Mihlali for behaving like a bigger star than she really is.

Mihlali’s episode of Unfollowed with seasoned broadcaster Thembekile Mrototo has left certain South African social media users feeling frustrated.

The documentary series unpacks the growing phenomenon of cancel culture and speaks to celebrities who faced “cancel culture” for whatever reason.

The first few episodes featured stars such as Toll Ass Mo who was “cancelled” after being accused of rape. And local musician Lady Zamar who accused rapper Big Zulu of raping her.

Another person who made it to the hot seat is TV personality Phat Joe and coming soon is musician and ex convict Jub Jub.

Social Media slams Mihlali over her ‘Unfollowed’ interview

While all of the guests so far have had great reviews, Mihlali appears to have disappointed viewers.

Many have accused her dodging questions, pretending not to know what was being asked and acting like a famous Hollywood star.

“Mihlali wants to ‘Mariah Carey’ the interview but doesnt have the status so it comes across as immature and rehearsed. ‘Next question’ and ‘I don’t know who that is’ doesn’t have the Whitney Houston iconicness she thinks she has. She looks ridiculous. #Unfollowed,” one person wrote.

In the comment section of that particular post, many agreed that the interview was disappointing to say the least.

Some went as far as to call it a “cringiest.”

“She shouldn’t have been interviewed to begin with. Aside from her not having the status, I don’t think she has the range to meet Thembekile that way. Thembekile is super sharp,” wrote one person while another said:

“It was revolting and she embarrassed herself fr.”

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