Slay Bhinca’s death: Family and fiancé speak out

Slay Bhinca’s death: Family and fiancé speak out

Slay Bhinca’s death: Family and fiancé speak out

Family and fiancé of YouTuber and cultural activist Sinesifiso Zondi aka Slay Bhinca has rubbished rumours that she was fleeing a R10 000 restaurant bill before she passed away on Sunday, 29 May from a car accident.

The influencer died in a horrific car accident on the M4 in Umhlanga Ridge, north of Durban on Sunday morning while travelling with her fiancé Mduduzi Cebekhulu according to the publication.

Popular cultural activist Slay Bhinca’s family has defended her in a statement after a waitress from News Cafe released a video on social media saying she and her fiancé Mdudu Cebekhulu did not settle the R10 000 bill before she passed away in a car accident this past weekend.

The car accident happened a few kilometers away from News Cafe – where she and her fiancé and her friends were accused of not paying a bill of nearly R10 000, according to Daily Sun.

The family confirmed her passing hours after she died and released another statement where they said the bill belonged to her friend who settled it.

They also said they’ll contact the waitress, ask her to take down the video, and request she clears her name in another video.

“It is with tremendous regret that we notify you of our cherished friend Sinesifiso Zondi aka Slay Bhinca’s passing. She passed away in Durban on May 29, 2022, on a Sunday morning. Sinesifiso Zondi was a cultural activist and a young Zulu maiden.”

Read the statement below:

Her fiancé Mduduzi Cebekhulu who recently paid lobola for her told the publication that they were invited to the restaurant by their friends who’d already opened their tab.

“We joined them to only greet them and have a small conversation. After that, we left the restaurant while our friends were still having a good time.”

Cebekhulu also said the allegations that he and his late fiancée left without paying hurt him and it’s a double pain because he’s still grieving her.

“My fiancée was a good person and would not do such things that people are saying. I was there.”

“We were involved in a car accident on the M4. She is dead and I was injured.”

Social media was a buzz when the News Cafe waitress who served them made a video and shared it on Facebook.

In the video, the waitress is accusing the later influencer of not paying the bill and running away when she was still serving other people.

The waitress also said maybe if her customers didn’t run away without paying the bill, maybe Slay Bhinca would still be alive today.

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