#SkeemSaam: Reason why Pretty won’t protect Lehasa from Eunice

#SkeemSaam: Reason why Pretty won’t protect Lehasa from Eunice

#SkeemSaam: Reason why Pretty won’t protect Lehasa from Eunice

Eunice (Oratile Maitisa) found incriminating evidence against her boss, Lehasa, and shared it with Pretty and Emkay.

This evidence will land Lehasa in trouble with the law and will destroy the businesses and reputation he’s worked hard for.

Lehasa killed Fanie (Gift Mokhampanyane) who was dating Eunice at the time of his death.

He killed Fanie in the hospital after he threatened to reveal his family’s secrets to the world.

Detective Peterson (Mortimer Williams) suspected that Fanie was killed by Lehasa but couldn’t find any evidence on his laptop.

He sent his spy and employee, Kgosi( Katlego Letsholonyana) to steal his laptop and destroy all the evidence at the police station.

Eunice is convinced that Lehasa killed Fanie because of the evidence she found in her bedroom last week.

She is planning to destroy him because she loved Fanie and wants justice for his death.

Her colleagues at Café Rovuwa, Kgosi, and Bontle overheard Eunice saying she wants to destroy him.

Though it is unclear what her plan is at this stage, or she was talking to, we can predict that she has told both Pretty and Fanie’s best friend, Emkay

Eunice will team up with Fanie’s best friend, Emkay (Mlungisi Mathe) to get justice for Fanie and bring him to his knees.

Emkay made it clear at Fanie’s funeral that he plans to destroy him because it was Fanie’s last dying wish.

Lehasa disappointed Pretty (Lerato Marabe) and broke her heart when he rejected their baby.

Pretty will want to destroy his reputation and businesses when she discovers that Eunice has evidence that could land him in jail.

The trio, Emkay, Pretty and Eunice will team up to expose the Maphosas family’s secrets, but will they succeed?

#SkeemSaam on Twitter already predict that Lehasa will get away with everything as usual.

Pretty is still reeling from the fact that Lehasa has moved on with Nothile (Mbali Mavimbela) even when she announced that she’s expecting their baby.

Lehasa’s other enemies in Turfloop include Katlego Peterson (Patrcik Seleka), the Matlogas, the Magongwas, and the Seakamelas and many more.

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