#SkeemSaam Lelo is going to steal Wallet’s poetry

#SkeemSaam Lelo is going to steal Wallet’s poetry.

It seems Skeem Saam‘s Wallet isn’t the brightest crayon within the box and viewers of the favored soapie already know his trust in Lelo will end in tears. Wallet is legendary across Turfloop for his brilliant poems and each time he shares his poems, viewers are left in awe of his talent and skills. That’s why they immediately went into panic mode when Wallet told Koko Mantsha he intends to require his unpublished anthology to Lelo for guidance.

Koko tried to warn Wallet and remind him of Lelo’s dubious diary within the community. However, Wallet has his heart assail lecture an “established” publishing author and no-one can convince him that Lelo isn’t the proper person to talk to.

Look, everyone knows that it’s a nasty idea to trust Lelo, including trust the girl with unpublished literary works, and fans on Twitter agreed that Wallet was definitely getting to live to regret not taking note of Koko’s wisdom.

Check out the memes below.

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