#SkeemSaam: Lehasa and Pretty’s love melts viewers’ hearts

#SkeemSaam: Lehasa and Pretty’s love melts viewers’ hearts

#SkeemSaam: Lehasa and Pretty’s love melts viewers’ hearts

Skeem Saam has been trending thanks to the resurrection of Lehasa and Pretty’s relationship that has left viewers in their feels over their chemistry and low-key forbidden love.

Tweeps were quick to christen the couple #PreHasa after Lehasa — who is engaged to Khwezi and is supposed to be preparing for his “I do” day — realized he was still in love with Pretty and wanted to fight for their love.

Lehasa made his way to his sworn enemy and Pretty’s mother Mantuli’s house to ask for a second chance with Pretty, only to find that Pretty also still had feelings for him.

While the reunion and reignited love got an immediate “Yasss” from viewers, it throws the pair into a chaotic situation, because Lehasa now has to find a way to get out of his commitment to Khwezi. However, Khwezi knows details about Lehasa’s underhand dealings and criminal activities, which makes the situation tricky because she has blackmail ammunition.

Meanwhile, Pretty has her work cut out for her because her entire family loathe Lehasa for different and valid reasons, which means their love is forbidden as far as Mantuli is concerned.

Tweeps don’t care much for the drama around the couple though. They’ve expressed how they are invested in the couple because of the chemistry they share and how their scenes always leave them giddy and wishing they had the same love.

Here are some of the reactions:

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