#SkeemSaam: Big trouble for Principal Thobakgale

#SkeemSaam: Big trouble for Principal Thobakgale

#SkeemSaam: Big trouble for Principal Thobakgale

Skeem Saam’s Meneer Magongwa is on principal Thobakgale’s case. He has finally called her out for being a workplace bully. Although it’s true, one can’t help but feel sorry for her because it seems the whole world is against her now.

Pupils, particularly Paxton, brought a drone to school and chased the principal around the field with it. The funny scene was caught on camera, and Thobakgale couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

The pupils have now also taken photos of her house and placed an advert online, claiming it’s being sold for R62 000.

These grade 8 pupils are either going to drive her to early retirement, or an early grave.

Meanwhile, Eunice’s dad needs to kick Kgosi out of her apartment, and fast. He’s literally taken over every part of her life. He’s stolen the remaining R200 000 in her bank account, taken her car which was being fixed at the panel beaters, and he now wants to take over the business she started with Koloi.

Eunice is headed to rehab after overdosing on drugs. It’s so sad that she threw away her job as a physiotherapist to live the fast life with money she didn’t work for. But as the saying goes: “Easy come, easy go.”

Durban Gen’s nurse Sne needs to open a case against her abusive husband, Dr Dhlomo.

We all know she’s a slay queen and loves the finer things in life but that’s not worth her losing her life and her unborn baby over. After she finally broke things off with him, Dhlomo has been relentless in his attempts to win her back.

He even went to Sne’s parents to apologize. Her dad kicked him out but her mother just had to remind Sne of all the things Dhlomo has done for her.

The fact that Sne’s mum later had lunch with her son-in-law goes to show that some families would do anything for the soft life – even putting their children’s lives in danger.

Meanwhile, matron Madondo is tired of ama2000 falling pregnant, but she needs to relax. The way she speaks to pregnant teens at the hospital is disturbing, and it’s the reason many people fear going to public hospitals. She needs to be professional and keep her feelings to herself.

She’s giving nurses a bad name.

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