Skeem Saam: Why Mapitsi Doesn’t Want To Be A Maputla

Skeem Saam: Why Mapitsi Doesn’t Want To Be A Maputla

Skeem Saam: Why Mapitsi Doesn’t Want To Be A Maputla

First of all Winnie Serithi’s team owes Mogau Motlhatswi who plays Mapitsi an apology. The actress has been slaying this role since she joined the show and they only made her a permanent cast now? If you watched the intro yesterday, you may have noticed that they’ve replaced Rachel Kunutu with Mapitsi Magongwa.

Tbose and Mapitsi’s relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing as it is now. We know the duos are high school sweethearts and teen parents and it took them forever to get them here.

Lobola negotiations will be underway in October and their families won’t get along as expected. They didn’t get along when they found out Mapitsi was pregnant in high school and they even had nasty remarks to say to the Maputla’s when they found out Mapitsi and Tbose are living together unmarried.

We know that Meikie Maputla is a monster-in-law and doesn’t approve of any of her son’s brides. She’s never been a fan of Mokgadi from the beginning and she’s never liked Mapitsi, which is why Mapitsi is going to have doubts about marrying and might call off the lobola negotiations.

The good news is that Mapitsi is more independent that Mokgadi and these two have their own place already and two won’t live with Tbose’s parents like Leeto and Mokgadi.

Tbose has always been Meikie’s favourite, so now that Mokgadi has moved out and Leeto might follow, she won’t be thrilled about letting Tbose move out permanently. She and John always had some company in their house and she was already upset about Tbose spending the nights at Mapitsi’s place.

The other good news is that Mapitsi and Tbose can finally raise their son; Pitsi together and be a family. Which means Jojo will have a playmate. I have a feeling, the writers are going to age Pitsi’s character as well and he’ll start going to Turf High.

P.S Sphola (Mapitsi’s ex-boyfriend) is back!

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