Skeem Saam actress Phophi Mudau Ratlabala (Cindy) now a sangoma

Skeem Saam actress Phophi Mudau Ratlabala (Cindy) now a sangoma

Skeem Saam actress Phophi Mudau Ratlabala (Cindy) now a sangoma

AFTER a year of not acting, Skeem Saam actress Phophi Mudau Ratlabala has finally revealed the reason behind her disappearance.

Phophi (33), who plays Cindy on the SABC 1 soapie, had answered her calling and was going through a journey of being a traditional healer.

Now a graduated healer, she can finally talk about her journey, and she said she is happy to talk about it.

“I often got asked why I was not on screen anymore and because of the sensitivity of my journey, I could not divulge much. Now I finally can, and I am happy because I have more to focus on because of the beautiful gifts they have given me,” she said.

The actress, from Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, opened up to a local publication about her journey.

“It has been both a challenging and beautiful journey. Learning to give of yourself, your time, your resources were minuscule in comparison to the lesson in humility. When you accept your calling to become a Healer, you let go of self completely and allow the Spirits to work through you and in you,” she said.

“The journey required me to give up so much of Phophi and fully embrace and solely focus on them. In the end all that glitters was gold. Although the process was challenging, the end was beautiful. Helping others has now become my purpose and seeing more and more people go back to their roots and have a relationship with their ancestors is fulfilling. Our people have gifts for us, it is up to us to acknowledge, appease and appreciate them,” she said.

Phophi has a number of gifts and she said they revolve around helping people.

“I carry a number of gifts with me. And coming from royalty means I strongly carry Amakhosi with me. I am able to see into people lives and communicate with their ancestors for their healing, prosperity and even success. I make use of bones, herbs, muthi and more to provide divine intervention and healing. One of my strongest gifts is also the gift of prayer. I believe I have been gifted by God and my people to help others in their rebirth too,” said Phophi.

She is already practicing as a traditional healer and opened a company called Goddess Rebirth.

“I went through a journey of rebirth, hence I named my company Goddess Rebirth. I had to be reborn to take my rightful place on the throne. We offer services from personal consultations, online consultations, cleansings to spiritual mentorship,” said the actress.

Phophi said she will be returning to acting, soon.

“After a full year of dedicating myself to the course and fully focusing on My People, I believe it’s time to go back to the limelight. I am going to do both healing and acting as I believe those are all purposes and gifts, they have bestowed on me. Stay tuned for entertainment and divine healing from the Goddess,” she said.

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