SK Khoza reveals what late Shona Ferguson always did to him

SK Khoza reveals what late Shona Ferguson always did to him

SK Khoza reveals what late Shona Ferguson always did to him

Popular Mzansi actor SK Khoza has told what the late Shona Ferguson used to do to help him out. Mr Ferguson’s close friends and family had been remembering him on the day he passed on.

When remembering Shona, SK Khoza spoke at large about how Shona popped up in his dreams.

He showed another side that some fans imagined that Shona was why SK Khoza had a promising career.

Soon after Shona’s death, SK Khoza saw himself involved in controversies that fans did not enjoy.

One fab specifically suggested that probably, it was Shona’s advice and guidance that brought SK Khoza’s talent.

“OooH, that’s why you had a great career with The Queen, l miss him too”

Having a role model in life has always encouraged people to succeed.

Shona Ferguson seemed to be constantly checking on SK Khoza, giving him some essential advice.

Speaking of Shona’s impact on his life, SK Khoza said.“Sho King Fede kanjani…Today marks two years and it still feels unreal. But Ngyabonga for popping in my dreams from time to time to just have a chat and catch up. I miss you BigBro, you are gone but will never be forgotten”

He ended with one of Shona Ferguson’s quotes that read,”A Negative Mind Can Never Have A Positive Life.”

The controversial actor was one of the finest actors in The Queen when he starred alongside Shona Ferguson.

His Shaka role won him many fans and awards as he arguably showed his best acting performances.

Currently, he is selected as a nominee for the Enzer’s World Online recognition for his role as Shaka on The Queen.

Many fans loved SK Khoza’s post remembering Shona Ferguson and left some love.

“Love to see how his legacy continues to live on and he’s still celebrated. What a LEGEND. ”

“To live, to love and to leave a legacy. King Sho to ♾️”

“Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever. Sho KING….Greatly loved, deeply missed.”

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