SK Khoza Accuses His Fiancée Of Physical Abuse

SK Khoza Accuses His Fiancée Of Physical Abuse

SK Khoza Accuses His Fiancée Of Physical Abuse

Actor Sthembiso “SK” Khoza has for the past few years managed to trend for anything but his acting. This comes as his first baby mama Gogo Maweni put him on blast for being a deadbeat.

However, following his stint on Black Door, it seems that the actor has found himself going through the most. This time involves his fiance Choice Kate Mathebula. It seems that there is trouble in paradise as the actor is currently in hospital.

SK Khoza accuses fiance of abuse. Taking to Instagram Live, Sk Khoza put his fiance on blast for allegedly physically abusing him. The actor took to his Instagram and immediately go to the story as he explained:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I know I have not been live in over… a very long time. But looking at me smiling right now, I’m currently in England, and my fiance almost killed me…”

SK then addressed his attending officer who accompanied him to Norridge Hospital before continuing to name and shame his fiance by going on to explain:

“To the women who physically abuse men out there, I’m done keeping quiet so I’m outchea talking. So yeah I’m talking, yeah, I said- Choice Kate Mathebula beat me to… jeep… You, I got injuries all over my body right now.”

SK then shares how he wishes his mother was around to “deal” with Cate personally rather than handing her over to the authorities. He then explains the circumstances of the abuse which resulted in his landing up in the hospital.

While he did not express what led to the physical altercation, he did explain that “Yeah from the spatula, to –tin opener, to umese (knife)… Now I’m lying in a hospital in England.”

His attending officer then explained that there was no arrest as yet since Cate was not found at their residency. As such, escape explains how he got out of the physical altercation by sharing:

“Please do not call it a physical fight, I was beaten, right? (This is as he breaks away to confirm with the attending officer). A fight is when you fight back…

Moreover, he made it clear that he wants to put his fiance on blast and his plans to stay single forever. Thereafter, he want on to add how he left the situation by first stating he was not sure why he did not walk away when things got heated before going on to add:

“Eventually, I crawled my way out of the house… Yeah, eventually, I crawled myself out of the house, and I got into the car and I switched on the heater. And I just sat and waited for the police to arrive…”

At the time SK made the live, he alleged that it was 02:00 in the morning, meaning that it was 03:00 in the country. Therefore, it seemed that he could not contact his mother or close family. Moreover, he makes it clear that his intention is to highlight that male physical abuse is rife.

Watch the full live below:

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