Siv Ngesi’s latest social media post has Mzansi offended

Siv Ngesi’s latest social media post has Mzansi offended

Siv Ngesi’s latest social media post has Mzansi offended

A runaway fire is raging through parts of Cape Town and one of the affected buildings is the University of Cape Town’s Jagger Library, a historic library which held a lot South African literature.

While the fire has prompted millions of people to pray for the city’s recovery, a few others are “celebrating” the tragedy.

Actor and TV personality Siv Ngesi took to Twitter to call out such people, labelling them as “blind and stupid” in one tweet and “idiots” in another.

He also posted a short video on his Instagram page which showed a horse kicking a goose. He captioned the video: “What must happen to all those celebrating and politicising the #CapeTownfire (relax the animal is fine).”

The video left many of his fans offended.

They posted comments saying that the video was disturbing and it was unlike Ngesi to post something like that.

“I’m still appalled that you would post a video like this on your Instagram? If you see so many people who aren’t cool with this video why keep it up? The ”relax the animal is fine“ doesn’t stop it from being in pain and disturbing to watch. That goose is definitely not fine,” said Matthew JamesChristopher Lloyd.

While theofficialjamielee said: “This is an awful video, I doubt very much it’s fine 😢 a kick like that with a shoe (horse is wearing steel shoes) not your usual post … 😢 but agree with your sentiment … just not this video clip”.

Among those who commented was actress and businesswoman Pearl Thusi, who said: “Does posting this video change whether or not the duck is fine? People are weird.”

Petty Instagram users came for Thusi, informing her that the animal was a goose, not a duck.

Thusi responded: “@dangerous_to_your_health my point remains. But thanks.”

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