Singer Thandiswa Mazwai cries out for help

Singer Thandiswa Mazwai cries out for help

Singer Thandiswa Mazwai cries out for help

Award-winning Singer Thandiswa Mazwai poured her heart out on Twitter. The Bongo Maffin member opened up about the impacts of the pandemic in her life.

She said the pandemic has taken so much from her including joy and drive to continue doing what she loves to do.

“This pandemic has left many of us with no hope, no joy, no drive to do any of the things we used to love doing,” she tweeted.

Responding to one of her followers, Thandiswa said if she was to share what she is feeling she would probably cry. She said but that is not what is expected from her.

“I wish I could tell you how I’m really feeling but Kings apparently don’t cry, famous people have no right to moan and most importantly my daughter is on here. Mamas don’t cry either! So angazi!”.

@Azania_msutukaz told Thandiswa that it is okay for her to break down, the Twitter user said being a celebrity does not make one immune to problems.

“Don’t ever do that to yourself. Kings cry and go as far as falling on their knees, famous people are not excluded from our existential crisis. Laika is 21 and a black womyn. She will understand. Love and light to you King.”

A few weeks ago Thandiswa and her baby daddy Stoan were celebrating their daughter’s 21st birthday.

Taking to Twitter to celebrate his daughter’s birthday Stoan said his life was saved the day he became Malaika’s father. She thanked Thandiswa for their daughter.

He tweeted: “21years ago my life was saved by becoming your father. From that day I had someone else besides my mom with a direct link to my blood, someone to live for. All credit & thanks to your mom.”

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