Singer Bobby van Jaarsveld hospitalised after having breathing problems

Singer Bobby van Jaarsveld hospitalised after having breathing problems

Singer Bobby van Jaarsveld hospitalised after having breathing problems

Fans of Bobby van Jaarsveld have flooded his TL with prayers and well wishes after the Afrikaans musician was admitted to hospital for tests to solve a host of problems he’s been experiencing.

Bobby took to his Instagram a few days ago to share the news that he would in the hospital for a couple of days so that he could have some tests done.

“It will all be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end …” a hopeful Bobby said.This left his fans concerned and curious to find out why he needed tests, and how serious his situation is. In a lengthy response on Instagram, the musician took time to appreciate all the get well soon messages he had received since checking in at the hospital.

He added that at the moment he also wasn’t sure what was happening to him.“Thank you so much for everyone’s messages I appreciate it incredibly much and I read everything. (I) cannot answer everything so that’s why I am writing this … I see there are some people who are unhappy because I do not say exactly what is going on but in fact I do not know exactly myself. The tests will only come out later …”

Bobby then went into as much detail as he could, telling his followers about all the medical procedures and surgeries he’s had before, and what tests were being conducted on him this time around.

He revealed that a big part of the necessity for the tests was so they could figure out why he occasionally stops breathing when he’s asleep, a condition that can be both dangerous and life-threatening.

“So we do quite a few tests under which my acid levels in my body are looked at (I have already had 3 mantle rupture surgeries) and my vocal cords are examined (I have already had 4 voice surgeries).

“Then they examine my brain waves as well as sleep apnoea because timeI stop breathing about 20 s an hour when I sleep — sometimes for as long as 40 seconds. It’s almost 160 times a night that I stop breathing. Very weird, I know.”

He admitted that the worst part of being in the hospital was being away from his family but said he was hopeful that doctors would figure everything out and that he would be fine.


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