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Simple Braids Hairstyles For Natural Hair ,Yet Gorgeous In 2018/2019

Box Braids Are An Extremely

Popular Trend That Never Goes

Out of Style

They are an excellent Simple Braids Hairstyles  to extend yourSimple Braids Hairstyles and sport a variety of hairstyles that look complicated and sophisticated.

However intricate they may appear, Simple Braids Hairstyles are actually quite simple.

The only downside of a Simple Braids Hairstyles is that it does not work well with weak and brittle hair.

If you do not have this issue, you can certainly pull off a variety of looks with boxed braids.

You can either add extensions or use your natural hair to flaunt your stylish box braids.

In this article, we will share our favorite stylish box braid styles that you can easily do yourself.

Simple Braids Hairstyles

Believe it or not, you’ll be able to still rock boxed braids with short hair.

If you wish a glance that’s very hip, strive gargantuan braids in an exceedingly straight cut all one length hair bob.

This look is town stylish and fabulous.

Individual Braids for any Age

Individual braids work nice for any girl notwithstanding her age.

you’ll add your own personal bit and add a pop of color to create your braids stand out.

This look is unaltered and there square measure endless prospects.

Double Trouble

Looking for a fun look? however regarding these endearing, kinky buns.

area unit|they’re} a small amount like mouse ears so that they are a rascally rummage around for a lady WHO needs to embrace her inner kid and rock a novel and forward vogue.

Add some color to your numerous box braids to form this look pop!

DownDo with Twisted Sides

For a chic subtle look, add some straightforward nonetheless stylish twists to your braids and you’ll have a stunning hunt for a night out on the city.

Not solely will it look marvelous, it additionally adds texture.

Half Updo with Victory Rolls

If you wish a a lot of daring look, attempt medium box braids for a cool coiffure.

begin with a [*fr1] up [*fr1] down look then split the highest section into 2 equal sections then produce 2 spiraled rolls atop your forehead.

Simple Box Braids with Beading for Embellishment

Hair beads area unit all the trend presently. They add a non-public and trendy bit to your braids.

you may decide vibrant braids or decide polished golden or silver beads for a special event.

French Roll

The French Roll could be a unchanged look.

Add large French to a trendy updo beginning at the scruff of your neck for a sublime vista.


Elegant Ballerina Bun

Ready for a fun night on the city when a protracted day at work? A ballet dancer staff of life is sleek and classy and you’ll be able to pull it off in but 10 minutes.

For an elegant bit to your easy box braids, you’ll be able to vogue your hair into a classic ballet dancer staff of life which will work from an evening out with the ladies to a romantic dinner date.

Intricate Braid Crown

Medium to giant box braids will be titled into a complicated crown if you would like a exciting look.

merely begin at the left ear and convey the brain across the rear of your head then work on the hairline.

folks can assume you spent hours at the salon!

Red Ombre Braids

Ombre hair isn’t only for beach waves. Ombre color works nice with any style of braid.

Reds and pinks ar the most effective choices for decorated designs. straightforward braids is plain-woven into ombre strands for a mode which will stand out from the gang.