Simphiwe Dana attacks SA men – They are the biggest gold diggers

Simphiwe Dana attacks SA men – They are the biggest gold diggers

It looks like Mzansi men are in hot water lately. A few weeks ago was Ntsiki Mazwai who came out attacking SA men over the size of their manhood.

Dana says SA men even go for the child maintenance money.
Musician Simphiwe Dana has been highly criticised on social media for saying South African men are the biggest “gold diggers”.

Social media users were divided over the weekend after two different posts criticizing men and women for their apparent embarrassing behaviour.

One criticized men who apparently act subservient to other rich men, while the other dragged “average-looking” women who apparently forced their way into circles of “more beautiful” women to boost their self-esteem.

To add fuel to the fire, the musician has just called South African men the biggest gold diggers.

She said: “Truth is that South African men are the biggest gold diggers. They even dig the maintenance money.

“Bacele iUber [They ask for Uber]. Ubathengele airtime [You buy them airtime]. Ubabhatalele irent [You pay their rent]. They’re driving your car. Using your bank card. And you’re paying all the bills. Shameless. Still have the audacity to go out there and say they’re taking care of you. That you’re a gold digger. They’re not paying maintenance.”

Her comments landed her in hot water, with some slut-shaming her and accusing her of making such conclusions as a result of dating younger men, while others called her out for her generalisations.

“I don’t date kids… Slut-shaming women for having sex is the lowest denominator too. And apparently South Africans excel at this too. To run away from responsibility because, gold diggers. Both my kids from one SA, Xhosa man. Y’all are trying so hard to slut-shame me,” she said to her critics.

Simphiwe Dana attacks SA men – They are the biggest gold diggers

Actor Hlomla Dandala commented: “I’m a South African man. When you say ‘South African men are …’ you include me. As I would inadvertently be including you if I said ‘South African women are…’ Freedom of speech still requires us to be responsible for the word we speak and the people affected by them,” while Welcome Kgoloko said: “This cycle of generalisation does nothing but increase mediocrity with regards to parenting of the boy child. Women have found comfort and solace in resentment towards the male gender based on their individual experiences. Invite God unto your dark spaces, not social media.”

She’s the latest celebrity to be highly criticised on social media, with the hashtag #SimphiweDanaMustFall trending.

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