Shock: Riky Rick didn’t expect to live past the age of 25

Shock: Riky Rick didn’t expect to live past the age of 25

Shock: Riky Rick didn’t expect to live past the age of 25

Shock: Riky Rick didn’t expect to live past the age of 25

Although many might have learnt about Rikhado “Riky Rick” Makhado’s mental health issues after his untimely passing, the rapper had opened up about his struggle with depression.

Riky Rick allegedly commited suicide.

In one of his interviews where he spoke about his mental health issues, the Boss Zonke hitmaker revealed his music has always been angry or depressive.

“My depression took form in being angry at the guys who were doing it and I guess a lot of artists, especially those who haven’t broken into the game, might get that feeling sometimes where they are feeling like their songs and themselves aren’t being recognised,” he said.

In the video that has since been highly circulated on social media, the musician, who died at the age of 34, shared that he didn’t expect to live past the age of 25.

“I wanted to go out and die young like 2Pac, having suicidal thoughts is not anything new to me, it might seem like it is time for every rapper or artist to speak about having anxiety and being suicidal.

“I can be a testament that I know what suicidal thoughts are. I know what trying to go through suicidal thoughts is. I know how to take it further. I have been to that dark phase. I have swallowed the pills, done that,” he said.

The king of kotini, as he was affectionately known, died on Wednesday, 23 February in hospital and his death was confirmed to the publication in a statement by his family, who asked for privacy in this difficult period of their lives.

“The Makhado family humbly requests privacy as they go through this extremely difficult period of grieving. The family has not appointed a spokesperson at this point, and they ask that you please keep them in your prayers,” the statement reads.

Following the news of his death, messages of support have been pouring in and the family says they have noted them, and they are grateful.

“The family are also deeply thankful for and appreciates the countless messages of love and support received, these are felt deeply,” the statement continues.

According to the statement, they are still busy with arrangements, and the details of the memorial service as well as the funeral will be shared soon.

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