Shock as Ginimbi’s secret Son emerges

Shock as Ginimbi’s secret Son emerges

Shock as Ginimbi’s secret Son emerges

The death of Zimbabwean businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has opened a can of worms. Not only is there an invested interest in his dealings and by the public there is also the matter of inheritance. The latest revelation is that he is alleged to have fathered a son with a Gutu-based businesswoman.

According to the Sunday Mail, the late socialite had a child with Ms Miyedzo Madondo back in 2011. The Kadungure family for its part claim to have no knowledge of this and are refuting any claims to the contrary. Noone in Ginimbi’s family recognizes Miyedzo Madondo and her son.

His father Anderson Kadungure had this to say:

“As far as I know, Genius did not leave behind any children. I heard through rumours that he had children everywhere, but I was never introduced to any of his children,”

Ginimbi’s brother Clemence Kadungure says he doesn’t know of any child as none we brought to Ginimbi while he was still alive.

While some might say this is a very convenient time to claim this in light of the lack of a will at the time of Ginimbi’s death, however, Ms Madondo says she is very comfortable and doesn’t want Ginimbi’s money.

“I was born into a family with everything that I needed, so we are OK. Please just leave us alone,” she said.

The only woman the family knows and accepts is his ex-wife Ms. Zodwa Mkandla.

“I met him when he was 23 and it was in 2006. We were just friends then but he, later on, asked me out and we started dating in 2009; this was after three years of friendship,” Ms. Mkandla told The Sunday Mail a fortnight ago week.

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