Sho Madjozi shares how hard it was to get tested for Covid-19

Sho Madjozi shares how hard it was to get tested for Covid-19

Local entertainer Sho Madjozi detailed her frustration in getting tested for the coronavirus following her return from her recent UK trip.

Taking to her Twitter page on Tuesday, the “Huku” hitmaker chatted about the “math” regarding the coronavirus.

In her tweet, she said that while we had 402 confirmed cases as of the coronavirus on Monday, that we actually don’t know how many people actually have it.

She continued: “It takes 3 days to get results so actually we had 402 cases 3 days ago. Not today.”

Following this Twitter user @ka_madesi challenged her statement and said she was lying and that you would get tested regardless of showing symptoms.

Sho Madjozi replied and detailed the struggles she went through to get tested. She mentioned that she had tried for three days to get tested after she landed from the UK. And that she was refused to test even though she returned from a high-risk country.

The “Wakanda Forever” hitmaker goes on to say that she was finally tested on Tuesday and received her results five days later which turned out to be negative.

Furthermore, the “John Cena” star said: “They are only testing people who are showing symptoms. Symptoms start showing 2-14 days after a person contracts it. Meaning we had 402 cases over a week ago. We have no idea how many people have the virus at the moment. No idea.”

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