‘She’s too young’ – MacG refuses to bring Tyla on Podcast and Chill [watch]

‘She’s too young’ – MacG refuses to bring Tyla on Podcast and Chill

‘She’s too young’ – MacG refuses to bring Tyla on Podcast and Chill [watch]

MacG is topping trends after recently turning down Sol’s request to bring fast-rising star Tyla on Podcast and Chill with MacG. Tyla has been making headlines in the backdrop of her newfound fame, from topping the charts to becoming one of the most followed South African artists.

Her smash hit ‘Water’ has undoubtedly thrust her into stardom, and she has been rubbing shoulders with the world’s finest.

She has been having many interviews but won’t appear on one of Africa’s biggest podcasts. While speaking on the Podcast and Chill, MacG made it known that Tyla is too young to appear on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

Sol had requested that the bubbly star appear on the podcast. MacG said: “She is too young for #PodcastAndChill – she must still do many things, her journey just started. There’s not much to talk about the rising star, let her enjoy, when sh!t goes south, then she can come.”

However, given the podcast’s reputation, many were more than convinced that MacG was being protective. Over the years, the podcast has often hogged headlines for the wrong reasons.

Several celebrities, including Jub Jub, saw themselves being seemingly cancelled in the backdrop of their interviews.

The video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

@MediamagnetHQ commented: “She must never come to this podcast, so you are waiting for her downfall.”

@PGalatians67 posted: “MacG is right; it’s too early to bring Tyla there, they will bring her when there’s so much to talk about.”

@AkanimiltonM said: “He knows he can mess her whole career with only 1 question😂😂😂.”

@shakazulubrnrv3 posted: “Did he say she must still go to P diddy’s house 🤣🤣.”

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