Shauwn Mkhize is tired of people asking how much she is worth

Shauwn Mkhize is tired of people asking how much she is worth

Shauwn Mkhize is tired of people asking her “how much she is worth” and “when will she be donating money”. The wealthy businesswoman and “Kwa Mam’Mkhize” reality TV star lashed out on social media saying instead of people asking her “how much she is worth “they should instead ask her “what time she wakes up and how long she doesn’t see her family whilst putting in more hours in late meetings”.

She also included in the post that she believes donations come from the heart and not to be displayed or showed off. Day 25 of lockdown. Please, I am tired of people asking me how much am I worth and when am I donating can you please sit back and rephrase your question. And ask what time do I sleep?What time do I wake up and how long? I don’t see my family at home putting in more hours by having late meetings.

“I have to explain myself again I don’t have money sitting I set my goals and work hard push myself to achieve them. Lastly, I believe donation comes from the heart and you don’t do it to display or show off you do it for your self fullment. And doing what is right please now can they refrain from asking me this questions on my page cause I am not going to answer them. Cause I always do what I can when I can with no pressure I love you all and stay safe,” said the Instagram post along with a picture of herself.
Here’s how her fans reacted:

Shauwn Mkhize is tired of people asking how much she is worth

@mohubakoketso said: “Maybe they should ask how did u make or what should they do people love free things but not ready to work hard for.”

@cheflindamkhize said “Thank you so much mom. The best thing one should do is when doing something for others or helping they should do it from the heart. Not expecting to be seen or heard. Something that is done with true inner being and comes from the heart always comes out bigger. I wish people could learn the difference and stop trying to push people down because of the good they are doing. If they can’t join in doing good from the heart then my they just mind their own business and let those that are willing to do good do the good. I love you mom.

@uwitonzepeaceboy said: “Is very true and when you give you don’t have to show on actually even your left hand don’t have to see what the right hand is giving you’re sophisticated human being @kwa_mammkhize be blessed stay healthy stay strong win more goals.”

@justketso said: “Ooh mommy what a post ,o right how did you sleep o right did you sleep well ..did you eat ,thank you for being there #Inspiration.i always ask my family to ask me ,to wonder if I ever need anything ,Or if they can offer in general bathi wena o right ,I say no guys I’m not ,I hustle and sometimes I need help ,everyone who is an achiever needs that. Thank you ,#wow feeling peace of mind, #Phola ,kunzima nje ku le life not comparing myself 2u but I get u…..kinda akere.

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