Serious Trouble For Moshe Ndiki

Serious Trouble For Moshe Ndiki

Serious Trouble For Moshe Ndiki

Moja LOVE’s presenter Moshe Ndiki is under public scrutiny following the recent You Promised To Marry Me episode. Ndiki was seen poking and provoking a guest of his show and things almost ended up getting physical.

The past Sunday (07 April 2023) saw scores of viewers and tweeps at significant raising concerns over Moshe Ndiki’s presenting skills. During a heated moment that erupted between Ndiki and one of his guests on You Promised To Marry Me. Ndiki was caught in an argument that saw him flying his hands onto a guest’s face.

In the past Moja LOVE has been called out for continuously promoting and perpetuating violence and Gender Based Violence on their programming. It started with one of their controversial show, Isencane Lengane, where Thando Msomi experienced abuse at the hands of her husband Siyacela Dlamuka on national television.

It appears history may be repeating itself after the latest episode of You Promised To Marry Me, where presenter Ndiki displayed aggressiveness and almost got into a fight with a guest. Security on stand-by had to immediately intervene in an attempt to diffuse the intense exchange, which almost resulted in a physical fight.

“Tonight on #YouPromisedToMarryMe Mbali’s boyfriend of seven years promised to marry her two years ago, but hasn’t introduced her to his family.” wrote Moja Love

Outraged viewers have threatened to write to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa to report Moja LOVE yet again for turning a blind eye on violence on their programming.

“This is disgusting behaviour from Moshe” wrote Fighter Jojo

“I’m not sure which is more endearing: Moshe snapping his fingers on this guy’s face, or the fact that no one in the production/on the channel called out Moshe’s violent &disrespectful behaviour. There is no need for him to constantly demean/violate people by abusing his fame.” wrote Pad Goddess
Viewers were reminded of Ndiki’s violence streaks following his ex-fiance’s Phelo Bala exposing Ndiki as a violent person. Another incident was when Ndiki confronted social media blogger and YouTuber Musa Khawula outside of Johannesburg night club when the pair got into a physical brawl.

“Washo u Phelo kodwa ukuthi inesibhaxo esibi lensizwa…” wrote Nkunzi Ebomvu

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